Spirituality: The Key to Success

‘Spirituality’, this word itself generates a feeling of something which lies in the universe, but in what form is the question. It extends its reach beyond just the practice of religion or worshipping something. Spirituality is the relationship between ourselves and unknown energy which compels us to seek. Seeking anything can be spirituality, just seeking peace or anything else is a wrong notion.

Human beings seek something big or a delusional character which helps them in times of crisis. Whether they are in intense emotional situation, mental or physical dilemma. In spite of going to seek an idol figure or someone, if people find peace in regular works such as in nature, music or arts then we can say that is a spiritual connection. The core of spirituality lies in that only.

What is the core meaning of spirituality?

The core meaning of spirituality can be found in mundane works. Say for a man who finds passion in solving mathematical problems finds a spiritual connection with numbers and formulas. In a nutshell, if something drives you totally, you are giving your full attention to that, then that is called spirituality. There are two basic notions of attaining spirituality.

  1. The notion of spirituality should be attained by evolving yourself. Just aspiring and reading some books cannot be able to get through the core of spirituality. Finding daily trust in something which you crave for is the true spirituality.
  2. It’s not just the set of rules or a specified religion which takes you through spirituality. True spirituality is cracking up the connection with that infinite thing that drives you. Though the search for spirituality is far beyond subjective things. The temporal things cannot lead you through this complex path. Getting rare experiences in regular works is a big thing.

In different parts of the world, there are various notions of spirituality. Some offer shrines that contain numerous statues, some worship an idol. By this, we can say that a piece of stone represents the connection between a personal relationship with the infinite spiritual realm.

Misconceptions regarding spirituality

There are different misconceptions that lay in the mind of people, which are misleading. Below are some of those misconceptions:

  • Spirituality keeps you happy every time. There is not any connection between these two. If you are attaining spirituality, there are times when you will feel low after experiencing different anomalies.
  • Being religious is not the definition of spirituality. Just reading a mythological gospel or spiritual book does not lead you through the narrow path of spirituality.

Understanding the truth of your mind is the core of understanding spirituality. The seeking of truth is spirituality, that truth can be anything. Finding the nature of existence is spirituality. Containing yourself to the reality and getting indulged with real you is the spirituality. For a different notion, spiritual people don’t seek spirituality, it comes from within. Just for the sake of seeking you will not be able to find the correct meaning.