Identify the Type of Mindset You Possess

Life is all about making decisions. We are what we decide. We have so many options around us. We get so many choices. But, the decision is one. Our decision shapes our path. The mindset is the factor that influences our decision. The way we act, the way we think and the way we make our choices all are influenced by the mindset we carry. This, mindset plays an important part in an individual’s life. There are two basic kinds of mindsets: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

Some people believe that talent and intelligence are the qualities that are not changeable in human beings. These kinds of people are said to possess a fixed mindset. Whereas there are people who believe that talent and intelligence can be changed, acquired or lost by an individual. The people with this kind of approach towards life are said to possess a growth mindset.

A growth mindset can help a person achieve more in life and learn many things and put an effort into their works. Whereas the fixed mindset may contribute to very little progress in life. This is why mindset matters. It is important to identify which kind of mindset you have. For knowing the category of your mindset you need to understand the differences between the two mindsets.

The Fixed Mindset

  • Some children are taught how to look smarter in front of others rather than to love the process of learning by not being influenced by others. These children develop a fixed mindset.
  • They would look after themselves all the while as being judged by the others and try to fulfill the onlooker’s expectations.

The Growth Mindset

  • Some children are taught to do mistakes and face challenges to learning without caring about anyone. These children develop a growth mindset.
  • They would enjoy their setbacks and take the challenges rather than being discouraged by them. They would like to explore the means than the ends of success. They would do mistakes and learn.

How to know what kind of mindset do you possess?

If you agree to the following tenets, you are likely to possess a growth mindset :

  • Everyone has the potential to change who they are.
  • Anyone can enhance their intelligence by learning and taking efforts.
  • Toiling hard, doing mistakes, applying efforts may lead one to develop their talents.

If you agree with the below tenets, you must have possessed a fixed mindset:

  • Intelligence is something that cannot be changed or acquired.
  • There are few basic features or abilities of every individual that cannot be changed however hard you work and sweat.
  • The talent cannot be acquired. The skills of music and arts are inborn in humans. These are the traits that cannot be learned through practice and efforts.

It is important to praise the efforts rather than the results to develop a growth mindset and be happy in life. The development of the mindset leads to the overall development of the individual. It is the process that is important and not the outcome. In this manner, you would be able to identify your mindset and see if you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.