How to Identify People with a Social Anxiety Disorder?

Social anxiety disorder, in more simple words, can be said to be a kind of phobia. The term social phobia would be the perfect term for these types of anxiety. Everyone has a sort of such a phobia. It is a normal thing that everyone feels nervous at some of the other situations. When we go for a date or when we go for an academic presentation, we feel a sort of fear or there might be a feeling of discomfort in our stomach.

People suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder would feel this situation of discomfort regularly. One can feel the same, in performing day to day activities like interacting with someone. It happens due to our fear of being scrutinized or judged by others.

Being more scientific, it is characterized by a distorted belief about the dangerousness of certain situations or internal stimulation. It is operated by six processes of our mental psychology, safety-seeking behaviors, attentional deployment, spontaneous imagery, emotional reasoning, memory processes and the nature of threat representation. A person having Social Anxiety Disorder can easily be recognized through several common symptoms.

  • There is a constant fear, that is reflected upon the face of an individual, to be judged by someone.
  • People having social anxiety would always be worried about being embarrassed or get humiliated by someone.
  • They would never try to interact with the strangers.
  • They will keep on hiding their faces so that others may not look at their anxious faces.
  • There are several physically visible features such as blushing, having a shaky voice and trembling.
  • They would always avoid situations where they might anticipate to be the center of attraction.
  • They would be intensely frightened at the public places.
  • They would continuously analyze their actions and question their acts in the isolation trying to identify faults in themselves.
  • They might also start expecting the worst to arrive on to them by anticipating the situation that has also occurred in the past.
  • They would not eat in front of others. They fear the public. They walk the streets with their eyes down.
  • They would not go and return the products to the shopkeeper. They anticipate that they would be humiliated for this act.

Knowing the symptoms of social anxiety, one can easily identify in themselves and even in others, the presence of this disorder.

It is important to be identified to be cured. It is not just the responsibility of the individual to help themselves get out of this grave situation of life where one is unable to perform their natural duties in the public.

It is also important for the welfare of the society that its members remain stress-free. This would enable the environment to be healthy.

It is very easy to identify people with a social anxiety disorder by noticing the above-discussed symptoms in them. Social anxiety is a state of mind that can ruin the entire life of a person. It can make them dull.