How Social Skills Impact Our Lifes

The idea of social skills has existed since ancient times; it is not a new concept sprouting out of social media or any other such things. Nowadays scholars have realized its importance in the life of an individual. This is the reason that we can see how its study is implemented in all types of academia. Social skills have become very important today because they enhance the way one interacts with others. It helps in facilitating interpersonal skills. Good social skills can make your bond with society very strong.

What are Social Skills? 

First, let us try to understand this term – social skills – in the words of Walker (1983) “social skills are the set of competencies that allow us to initiate and maintain positive social relationships, contribute to peer acceptance and a satisfactory school adjustment, and allow us to cope effectively with the social environment.”

It allows you to become a good member of society by following the rules, attitudes and belief systems of the society. It focuses on the socialization of individuals. It is a skill that enables interaction and communication among the members of society. Everyone should have good social skills as it plays an important part in one’s life.

Types of Social skills

  • Conversation skills

Wherever we live, we live in a society. In society, we mostly interact with other people through our communication systems. In this way, social skill offers conversational skills to people. Every conversation performed by the individual is about their cultural ascendency.

  • Relationship skills

Relationship skills deal with the behavior of an individual.

  • Self-control

While living in a society one must have proper control over their emotions concerning other’s emotions. This must be regulated through practice.

  • Mannerism

This aptitude of social skills deals with the conduct and the act of an individual against others in society.

How society shapes social skills?

Start from birth, everyone develops their social attitude. The process of social consciousness comes from the very beginning. Your social skills depict your existence in society. How one behaves in society affects all his life.

The good behavior in the early days of life would help them while establishing friendships with someone in schools. It will help individuals to develop caring and concern for others. It also provides them with the ability to take responsibility and to handle a tough situation in their life. It allows people to understand others and express themselves so that the other members of society can understand them properly.

Social skills always try to enhance personal development and productivity. It’s quite essential to establish a good and strong relationship in their life. It can lead to the good psychology and health of a person in society.

Today, in this rapidly growing world, no one can live their life happily if in seclusion. They all are dependent upon society in some or the other way. So when we live in a society we must follow the rules and regulations of society.

Social skills are the components of behavior that expresses our bond with society.