How Far Mobile Phones Harm Our Social Skills

Human beings are social animals. Living in society requires some social skills to mix up with everyone and to excel in making life easier through help and regards from fellow beings. It is important to develop social skills to be able to communicate effectively.

Communication is the basis of life in a society. Humans are called more socialized than animals because of the reason that humans have a better-developed system of communication. Social skills consist of interpersonal skills such as active listening, the art of persuasion, delegation and stewardship.

Why are social skills important?

The interpersonal skills are developed in an individual throughout their life span by several factors. The change in the attitude or the way of thinking leads one to acquire or leave out one or more social skills. The mobile phones have been a major threat to the people, especially children, of the present century. Mobiles corrupt the thought processes and cuts of the connection of the user with his or her real world. Earlier Television used to be the barrier to the development of social skills.

Children were abstained from facing the Television screen for long. Mobile phones have replaced Television screen. And it is difficult to make the children reluctant about facing their smart phone’s screen because almost all the real-world activities have found an escape space on the internet. Even for studying, one needs to seek the help of the internet.

Ways in which mobile prevents one from acquiring social skills

There is a great challenge for the guardians of the generation to help their children minimize the use of phones for every purpose. Children must be taught to socialize with the real world and not with the virtual ones. There are several ways in which mobile phones can hamper the interpersonal skills in an individual.

  • The continuous use of cell phones for every other purpose may make us anti-social. We may not know how to act among people anywhere.
  • Mobile phones provide every experience in a millisecond. This habit of expecting things quicker might develop the trait of impatience in people. One may be very impatient in real life and get frustrated all the time something is delayed.
  • Men and women across the globe have started using short forms and incorrect grammar in their daily talks. This bad habit has developed due to the use of mobile phones for chatting or talking with virtual peoples. When we talk on text, in a hurry, we use incorrect grammars and rules and spellings to communicate. We know that we are all the time doing that and that has to lead us to do this mistake even when we deal with a real-life conversation or a professional or academic project.

The problem with mobile phones is not their use but their prolonged use. To learn anything we need to interact with it. To learn social skills we need to interact with the elements of the society in which we live and work. But that requires time. All the time is being spent on the mobile screen. This is the problem and therefore we can say that mobile phones have ruined all the time-space of the individual so far as the learning of interpersonal skills is concerned. This needs to be taken care of before people forget that the world in which they live is actually outside the phone.