5 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset

If you look around yourself you will find various types of people. Every person has a different mindset about their working and their thoughts towards life. So we can see some are successful and some are still struggling for their success. This depends upon their mindset. Two types of mindsets can be found in people. Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset.

A person who believes their abilities can be developed possess a growth mindset. They try to develop their talent through hard work and good strategies. They learn from others. They are always focused on achieving more and more in life. They are less bothered about how they look instead they put more energy into learning. They believe in fair competition in the workplace.

The second type of mindset is possessed by those who believe their talent is a kind of gift from god. They always try to do only that what they are used to. They would never try to perform something extra. They are just opposite to the growth-minded people. They might cheat and become deceptive among their mates.

How can you develop a growth mindset?

  • You should be brave enough to face your challenges

To develop a growth mindset, one should always try to face the challenges bravely. One should look at the challenges as a step ladder. The more challenges one would face, the more one is likely to rise. Never refrain from the tough situations instead try to reframe situations according to you. You can do this by changing your perspectives. Every challenge comes with new adventures. Every adventure comes with a feeling of fear. You should not let them come over you. Try some different tactics to cope up. Explore new paths, develop new skills and do whatever is needed to solve the problem. 

  • Never look for the approval of your work from others

It can hamper your growth mindset. You must develop an attitude of self-acceptance. Start trusting yourself. Always think you are the only one who is going to be responsible for your work. Why do you need other’s approval whether you are doing right or wrong? Your Good and Bad will bring admiration and criticism only to you. 

  • Consider criticism as a weapon 

Criticism always gives you the chance to hide even single pores in your work. It works like a coach. So don’t consider your criticism as a bad thing rather you look at it as a gift. Always be open to suggestions. 

  • Payless importance to the pace 

Do not expect things to happen quickly. Maintain your time and speed. Avoid copying other’s pace. This would only increase your stress and nothing else.

  • Always make set milestones 

Never think that you have completed your goal. Always set a new goal after accomplishing the previous one. It would help you a lot in developing a growth mindset.

Many people have this conception that they always have a growth mindset. This misconception stops them from learning something new. Indeed, a pure growth mindset doesn’t exist. A growth mindset is all about praising and rewarding efforts.

The employees and students usually think that praising effort depicts the growth mindset. It is not true – the outcomes also matter. Unproductive effort cannot reflect the growth mindset. Everyone should try to develop these traits for developing their growth mindset.